• Dedicated car mobile DVR
  • Speed Dome PTZ Camera
  • Far-end remote control
  • Wireless Flashlight Camera
  • Wireless Video/Audio Module
  • Real-time transmission Video & Audio & GPS data by 3.5G system
  • GIS Vcar Server software
  • Control center far-end control disaster relief scene

(The actual task video)

(At night task video)


Speed Dome PTZ Camera

The lens may 360 degrees revolving, Zoom in, Zoom out, Auto focus

GPS Receiver

Wireless flashlight camera may enter the vehicles to be unable to enter at the region

Built-in wireless modules will use video & audio spread to the DVR host

Through GSM/WIMAX systems, real-time transmission of video &audio & GPS data to control center

Can make use of mobile phones to connect to Server watch real-time image

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