Technical Specifications
Features Specification
Base Band IC SiRFⅢ Chipset
Accuracy Position:5~2m CEP w/o S/A
Acquisition 20 satellite Parallel
Acquisition Cold start: < 42 sec
Warm start: < 38 sec
Hot start: < 1 sec
Dynamics Altitude: max. 18,000m
Velocity: max. 500m/sec
Acceleration: max. ±4G
Navigation update rate Once per second
PCB Dimension (mm) With housing: 47(L) x 39(W) x16(H) mm
Serial I/O port Series TTL and RS-232 I/O
Coordinate Datum WGS 84
Power Input DC 3.7~6V DC Input
Sensitivity -131dBm
Backup Battery 3.0V,5.5mAh,Lithium cell
System Performance 20 channel
F/W upgradeable Yes
Antenna Patch Antenna
Operating Temp -40°~ +85°C
Storage Temp -55°~ +100°C
Humidity 5%~90%

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