Mobile Eyes 2008

JM-L Series digital surveillance machine allocate embedded Linux operating system (DOM-Disk on Module), and we have excellent electronic and mechanical R&D to full-fill different inquires from customer; It's our mission to make products more competitive and facilitate operation.


The flexible maneuver of the armed force, the police, the fire prevention, the environmntal protection, specialized police, coast defense patrol etc. to apply

With the cable/wireless mobile photography data collection system, solid tightly structure, may match up with the moving vehicle/ship and so on to do the elastic cooperation of data detective searching, monitoring, video recording and immediate transmission.

To match to do the cable high-multiple camera or wireless detects collection flashlight to perform the distant, wide-range monitor and video recording.

The interior is built with the 3.5G(WCDMA/HSDPA)image immediate transmission module. This may records the image picture to transmit immediately to the duty command center.

In favor of simple operation procedure and hardware construction, even if individual in outdoors can use the electricity of vehicle to carry out the service




3.5G Module
.850/900/1800/1900/2100 GHz

Wireless receiver
.RF 1.2/2.4 GHz
.Video & Audio 4Channle

Wireless flashlight camera
.1.2/2.4 GHz
.12 LED lighting
.20 meters effectively
.420 TV lines
.SONY 1/3 inch chipset
.3.6 mm lens
.Effective distance:150~500meters outdoors
.Same as police 6C flashlight
.DC 12V re-chargeable lithium Battery
.Weight 680 g

Video input
.1 channel by wireless
.1 channel by cable

Audio input
.1 channel by wireless

CODEC format

USB port
.USB1.1 X1


Frame rate
.Maximum 30 fps

.CF card

Local backup
.USB Thumb drive

.19*36*9 cm

.2.5 k

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