GIS Vcar Server

GIS Fleet Image Central Control System
GIS-Vcar system support the most popular wireless 3G networking communication with Geographic Information System and Digital Video Recording technology integrated to a whole new central authorities management platform, it can offer a simple and easy way network environment for people use, besides supervising in the central authorities, also grasp the vehicle position and security situation whenever and wherever from any computer or notebook via Internet.

Easy to Use Operation Interface
GIS-Vcar system offer customer a simple and easy to use operate interface, help customer build up each vehicle database, items and restrict management, etc., allocate function with electronic digital maps that help customers confirm the vehicle position, Provide a really GUI for users.

Complete System Architecture
GIS-Vcar Build-in the exclusive RMS server software of our company inside, besides offering the software version of the server, we also design client software version, when you are going outside for business meeting you can connect to RMS server for monitoring vehicle position via Internet.

Easy to Use Design
GIS-Vcar Software design is different from generally complicated server software, if you are non-computer specialty, still can install it and easy to use.

Aircraft Carrier/ Railway System/ Commercial Passenger Vehicle/ Bus Coach/ Cash in transit vehicle/ Grit truck……

System Function Architecture

GIS-Vcar Remote Manage Server Version

Vehicle unit list
Login all the vehicles ID\Driver Name\Camera No.\Video Transmission Format and Folder
User login PWD manage
Manage user login password and account
Display Video and Position
Comprehensive map view for fleet management, it is convenient to control and manage record the video image and data
Nine split picture control at the same time
Support show different vehicle map position and image in nine split picture at the same time, and can re-assign free
Operate MAP function
Can support maps to enlarge and narrow functions such as slide functioned., or choose the total graph to display
Video surveillance
Support the real-time of multi-cars to control and playback historical video
Video folder or Snapshot
Can store video image to new folder or take a snapshot for historical video
Vehicle Status
Display current vehicles on-line status
Playback with GIS
Playback video with GIS function, not only vehicle position but also video image
requires no professional technical or plug-ins to install or manage
Map Layer

Support MAPINFO(tab、mid、mif) /ARCINFO(shape file)data format. Including region/road/riveetc., basic layer

RMS Digital Video Server
Video Backup Service
DVR can record video image by itself, with RMS,it can also store node(DVR Unit) video stream+GPS data and backup at server storage, and retrieve/share data with GISVcar
Remote DVR unit monitor
Support Real-Time monitor DVR unit camera/recording type/storage/alarm status
Event Diary Manage
can call and manage the all DVR unit that network on/off line and alarm event recording list
Support NAS
Support and appoint four network store folder at most
Complete Backup Function
Support each node(DVR Unit) backup function
Snapshot function
Each snapshot can store to BMP/JPEG format
Detect network status
Detect and examining the network status automatically, when detect network off line, it will on line automatically when network is on.
Support NAME server
Support GPRS/CDMA/HSDPA ddns communication register function automatically

GIS-Vcar Clinet


Connect to SERVER
Support connect to Server Control the real-time video and historical image
Off Line Operation
CLIENT edition can use at the off line with SERVER, at this moment CLIENT may serve as GIS playback program, load the historical video and playback, it can show the historical position and video image.

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