Police patrol cars:
Capture videos while handling a case to provide tracks for both police officers and the persons involved. Our mobile DVR has been field tested in multiple police departments and is currently being used throughout the country.

Tow truck:
Car owners may need tow truck company to provide records of towing away while there’s suspicious collision, damage…etc. Several tow truck companies have applied our mobile DVR as their standard device.

Fire engine:
JM-LA offers complete networking features. Optional GPRS/CDMA can send streaming live video to a central monitoring center for event evaluation, response and rescue. National Fire Agency has assigned JM-LA as standard equipment.

JM-LA helps to send real time video to the hospital for first aid advices, medical arrangement…etc. Moreover it provides valuable surveillance recordings to protect against litigation.

Cash in transit vehicle:
Cash in transit vehicles are more likely than others to suffer fatal assault. JM-LA is a means of protecting personal safety, cash security and deterring criminal activity.

Taipei Mass Rapid Transit system:
JM-LA helps Taipei MRT agency to view, observe and monitor passengers as they travel.

Taxi and delivery drivers are more likely than other workers to suffer a fatality while on the job. They also suffer the highest rates of nonfatal assault, next only to police and private security guards. Mobile DVR is a means of protecting personal safety and deterring criminal activity.
Public transportation bus: JM-LA helps to identify dangerous passengers to secure public safety.

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