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JC TECH Inspire The Future

Drone applications of JC TECH customers is all over the life of Taiwanese people, such as government, security, banking, transportation, construction, factories, military, etc., there are traces of JC TECH intelligent sensing products.

Create & Challenge

Unmanned Aircraft System Integration JC TECH established in Taipei, Taiwan in 2001, and dedicated ourself fully into design, develop, and manufacturing of diversified UAV systems.

Open Communication

JC TECH developed several unique technologies such as real-time artificial intelligence algorithms, lifesaving systems, and excellent coated form technology applicable to wings, fins, and rotors.

Mutual Trust & Respect



Meet Your Mission Requirements

– What kind of UAV do you need?
– What function do you need?
– What equipment do you need?
– Do you want weaponized UAV?

“ Choose the best flight module that suits your mission! ”



– Type of Body & Parts.
– Type of Engine.
– Type of Servo.
– Type of Payload.

“ All R&D teams are at your service! ”


Confirm With You

– Discussion.
– Modification.
– Improvement.
– Finalize Design.

“ Time to Product ! ”



– Material Testing Machine.
– Computer Numerical Control.
– Surface Defect Inspection.
– Mechanism Strength Test.

“The most fast & precise manufacturing in Taiwan ! ”


System Adjustment

– Autopilot System & Antenna.
– Wireless Transmission.
– Telemetry Radio.
– Pilot Software.

“Because we focus on the reliable and smooth transmission!


Functional Check Flight

– Field Test.
– Flight Mission Simulation.
– GPS Reception Test.
– Return-to-Home Test.

“ Caution is the parent of safety! ”



– Shipment.
– Invoice.
– Education Training.
– Customer Service.

“ Ready to Fly? ”

Why Choose Us?

JC TECH will provide more advanced UAV products and the most professional experience to the world.

2005 Release Released the first DVR in Taiwan.
2012 Built Digital Surveillance System in Metro Taipei.

2016 Release WVT-20 & WVT-30 for 20KM & 30KM wireless video transmission.
2016 Release WDVT-120 for 120KM wireless data & video transmission.

2018 Built Taiwan Coast Guard UAV squadron.

2022 Release Positioning Landing System and Parachute Safety System for UAV.
2022 Release FLYINGFISH the first suicide drone in Taiwan.

2023 Established new R&D center, manufacturing plant and flight training park in Yilan, Taiwan.

Some Numbers

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Company Established in
Projects Completed
1 million km
Accumulated Mileage Exceeds
100 +
Training Pilots
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