JC TECH provides more advanced UAV products and the most professional experience to the world.

We developed several unique technologies such as real-time artificial intelligence algorithms, lifesaving systems, and excellent coated form technology applicable to wings, fins, and rotors, which offers the rigid and smooth surfaces while maintaining the trailing edge as thin as 0.15mm.


What kind of UAV do you need ? What function do you need ? What equipment do you need ? Do you want weaponized UAV ? Analyze and generate the solutions flight module that suits your mission.


Develop Body & Parts , Engine , Servo , Payload , 3D models , H/W & S/W system integration.


Material Testing Machine , Computer Numerical Control , Surface Defect Inspection , Mechanism Strength Test , Ground station functional testing and verification.

SCM&PLM Integrations

Help to improve collaboration and communication across the product life cycle and supply chain. Time Efficiency , Enhanced Collaboration with improved visibility , Stay ahead of the curve.


Airframe assembly and calibration , Flight control training , Maintenance training , Features of a product include design, quality, functionality, and experience , You are able to work more independently.

Joint Research&Development

Keep helping transform client objectives into client achievements by providing innovative ideas, reliable and defensible information, S/W & H/W upgrade and unbiased technical advice.


Turnkey solution is a lightweight digital strategy to gain the functionality a ''organization'' needs quickly and in a cost-effective manner. If you’re looking for get your UAV fleet more digital and produciability, or want a trusted UAV industry solution, then JC TECH turnkey solution may do just fine.

Manufacture in your own Country

Control of the process: It is a lot easier and cheaper . Taxes: to produce a product with lower tax rate . Government Contracts: There are some government programs that will only buy products that are built in the home country.

Long-term Cooperative Relationships

Our teams are empowered to effectively and efficiently support our clients and have the resources available to solve the most difficult issues.

JC TECH Total Solutions

The ability to operate in real-time.

Support for all applications in a business process.

Consistency to its look and feel across modules.

Flexibility in deployment. In-house and SaaS options exist.

Incorporation of best practices according to each business process.

Systematization of inventories and processes.

The ability to link and analyze the effectiveness of existing processes.

Room for additional customization as necessary.
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