Jcally established in Taiwan in 2014, and dedicated itself fully into design, develop, and manufacturing of rotary-wing and fixed-wing UAV systems. With years of research, development and countless worldwide field tests, Jcally developed several unique technologies such as real-time artificial intelligence algorithms, lifesaving systems, and excellent coated form technology applicable to wings, fins, and rotors, which offers the rigid and smooth surfaces while maintaining the trailing edge as thin as 0.15mm.

Today, Jcally will provide diversified UAV products and the most professional experience to the world.

Reasons to Choose Jcally

2014. Introduce the first 3D hybrid powered rotary-wing UAV into UAV market.
2014. Release EAGLE-G1 the first heavy fuel engine powered UAV.
2015. Established new R&D center and manufacturing plant.
2015. Release EAGLE-E1 the first CBT engine powered UAV.
2015. Release WDT-P400 for 100KM wireless data transmission.
2015. Release WVT-10 for 10KM wireless video transmission.
2016. Release WVT-20 & WVT-30 for 20KM & 30KM wireless video transmission.
2017. Release WDVT-120 for 120KMwireless data & video transmission.
2018. Develop high efficiency Carbon Nanotube Battery.
2019. Release EAGLE-G100, EAGLE-E900, and WDVT-250.
2019. Release EAGLE-ATTACK & GPS Anti-interference Shield.
2019. Release UAV Positioning Landing Device & Parachute Safety System.
2020. Continuous Evolution.

Our Patterns

Pattern : Drone-Tracking Antenna Array System
Pattern : Drone Positioning & Landing System
Pattern : Drone Parachute Safety-System
Pattern : Drone Landing Gear Antenna Array System
Pattern : Drone GPS Anti-interference Shield
Pattern : Drone Anti & Detection System
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